TQ Wellness's Beginner's Protein powder is an amazing product manufactured by Umbicell Private Limited. We have carefully curated this blend of flavour and benefits to help build a fit and fine body inside out. It includes biologically active ingredients that can aid in muscle recovery and immunity. It has 8 essential amino acid(s) and 10 non-essential amino acid(s) TQ. The flavour of Wellness Beginner's Protein is SWISS MILK CHOCOLATE, which is really pleasing to the taste buds. It can be used to make a resource Protein Shake start your mornings, and it can also be taken after tea, before or after GYM, or before bedtime. The initial feedback about this product has not only been positive but the consumers feel the change in the way they work as in the stamina with which they perform their activities. All the ingredients being used in this product are added under various safety and RDA allowance considerations which adheres to the safety standards. It is primarily focused to be the best product for beginners because it helps you combat exhaustion by maximising muscle regeneration following an intense exercise.

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