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    Relevance of a genetic advisor/consultant

    Genetic consultants working under Scigenomics Nextgen Healthcare are clinical experts and are qualified in both genes and counselling. They perform various studies and discuss the findings with you. They assist people with identified disorders by providing guidance about effective tests and providing assistance. Any counsellor such as clinical professionals are medical physicians, and most have a master's degree in gene therapy.













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SCIgenomicsMonday , August 02 , 2021

    Hallmarks of Scigenomics are:-
    > High tech investigations like genomic and genetic investigations
    > Innovative cellular Therapies
    > Specialized Regenerative medicine products
    > Utmost satisfaction of patients
    > Proven track record

    A company which provides healthcare solutions for next generation treatment with cutting edge technology. Our services include whole genome mapping, gut microbiota genome mapping, Genome mapping based expert advice, preparation of genetically corrected cells, personalized IPSCS, personalized i PSC-MSCs, personalized exosomes, Anti- aging protocols and products. Innumerable testimonials

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    Monday , August 02 , 2021



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