Scigenomics has tied up with Leucine Rich Bio to be able to bring out various new-age technological aids in respect to microbiome testing. We address complex challenges in genomics by using advances in computer science, information science, data management, statistics, and systems biology. We plan to use cutting-edge big-data methods, as well as machine-learning algorithms, to dig deeper into the human genome's understanding and create innovative drug development solutions. Our pipelines are designed to provide a clinically appropriate report promptly. Our patented AGIS-based platform-based personalized report converts complex genomic data into scientifically meaningful and actionable biological facts. We at Leucine Rich Bio assist physicians in understanding the importance of Personalized Medicine. Our in-house-designed server LRB-HGVD is designed to provide AGIS with variant usable details. Our comprehensive genome processing service offers researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and top research laboratories around the world a suite from which to read, evaluate, and act on applicable knowledge extracted from ever-changing NGS data. We derive in-depth information on Cancer Genomics, Genetic Conditions Affected by Rare Variants, and Drug Response in collaboration with Leucine Rich Bio. We gathered data on genetic variations, Hereditary origin, genome- wide association studies, and gene therapy. Our in-house curated database (LRB – Human Genome Variation Database) is being created to ensure that the information is reliable, scientifically appropriate, and consistent. The database includes functional details, mutation effect on disease, drug reaction, and variant impact on protein structure and functions, as well as references to the relevant literature.

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