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    what is whole genome sequencing ?

    Whole-genome sequencing has become a valuable method for genomics research due to rapidly falling sequence procedure costs and the capacity of today's sequencers to yield vast quantities of data. WGS is a process for examining whole genomes. Classification of genetic illnesses, characterising the genes that cause cancer development, and monitoring disease outbreaks have all benefited from genomic knowledge.


    How can one benefit from whole-genome sequencing ?

    Although this generates a lot of evidence, genetic differences often provide a lot of opportunities. Once a person's genomic analysis data has been obtained, it can be readily studied to see whether they contain the genetic profile for particular genetic diseases such as multiple sclerosis or colon cancer. Findings from the next-generation sequence method are being used to control procedures for prevalent chronic diseases including cancers (cardiovascular disease and leukaemia), as well as to establish which drugs are safe (and which are not) for individual patients.

    Why scigenomics ?
    Scigenomics is a leading company that provides you with next-generation gene treatments with new technologies. A blend of experience and knowledge is what makes us capable of treating you. Scigenomic genotyping facilities with WGS produce a thousand times more gene-related information than partial autosomal DNA methods, such as the microarray-based autosomal DNA sequence method, since it generates detail on all six billion base pairs of the human genome.


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SCIgenomicsWednesday , January 05 , 2022

    Hallmarks of Scigenomics are:-
    > High tech investigations like genomic and genetic investigations
    > Innovative cellular Therapies
    > Specialized Regenerative medicine products
    > Utmost satisfaction of patients
    > Proven track record

    A company which provides healthcare solutions for next generation treatment with cutting edge technology. Our services include whole genome mapping, gut microbiota genome mapping, Genome mapping based expert advice, preparation of genetically corrected cells, personalized IPSCS, personalized i PSC-MSCs, personalized exosomes, Anti- aging protocols and products. Innumerable testimonials

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