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    microbiome plays a crucial role in synthesising vitamins and essential nutrients, generating significant compounds, protecting against microbes, utilising non-human metabolic pathways, able to contribute to just the immune system, and much more.

    Microbiome research and clinical knowledge of our gut bacteria have advanced to the point that everyone would actually profit from completing a test, sharing the findings, and taking steps with trusted healthcare practitioners. These experiments aim to identify the presence of various microorganism species in a urine specimen. The best test results will provide you with a lot of information about:

    - The uniqueness and distinctiveness of the gut health and its bacteria - How your microbiota equates to other people's microbiota - What this could mean for your physical health and the ageing process - What exactly are those microorganisms doing for you? - How specialised dietary changes can help you improve your health

    This is a futuristic approach of about 4-5 weeks, which helps understand the connection between the gut microbiome and related bacteria with the overall immune system and well-being of a person. This test will be inclusive of an analytical and comprehensive report by the experts. Along with this, you would be receiving exclusive recommendations to help find any scope of improvement. You would be advised the use of certain probiotics and prebiotics to help in swift progress

    Scigenomics is a one-stop shop for all of your next-generation healthcare needs, from cell therapies to genomics and anti-ageing treatments. It has partnered with several renowned healthcare organisations to provide the latest investigations and services using cutting-edge technologies.


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SCIgenomicsWednesday , January 05 , 2022

    Hallmarks of Scigenomics are:-
    > High tech investigations like genomic and genetic investigations
    > Innovative cellular Therapies
    > Specialized Regenerative medicine products
    > Utmost satisfaction of patients
    > Proven track record

    A company which provides healthcare solutions for next generation treatment with cutting edge technology. Our services include whole genome mapping, gut microbiota genome mapping, Genome mapping based expert advice, preparation of genetically corrected cells, personalized IPSCS, personalized i PSC-MSCs, personalized exosomes, Anti- aging protocols and products. Innumerable testimonials

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